County Precast Helps Veterans Build Rewarding Careers
November 7, 2022

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County Precast Helps Veterans Build Rewarding Careers

This Veterans Day, County Precast gratefully recognizes those who serve. We are proud and fortunate to employ many veterans, helping them build careers in a stable industry with limitless growth potential.

The skills veterans honed during their military service are directly applicable to a manufacturing career. Manufacturing, delivering, and installing precast shafts requires leadership, determination, and teamwork. Team members must communicate well, maintain high situational awareness, and follow a precise process, while adapting to fast-changing environmental conditions.

Careers in concrete manufacturing and construction are rewarding and meaningful. In addition to seeing the tangible impact of their work by helping to produce a high quality, resilient product, County Precast’s team members know their work helps to improve the safety of job sites and commercial and residential buildings.

County Precast offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals without manufacturing experience. We work alongside veterans to help align their Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), skills, and interests with a rewarding career opportunity.

We proudly recognize team members through initiatives like Team Member Appreciation Week and the County Champion Award. Additionally, we offer Team Development and People Skills Training to help team members succeed throughout the organization. 

Apply today to begin building your career in concrete manufacturing.