County Precast Highlights Sustainable Building Practices in Celebration of Earth Day
April 21, 2023

Categories | Community & Industry Support, Elevator Shafts, Stair Shafts

County Precast Highlights Sustainable Building Practices in Celebration of Earth Day

County Precast is committed to manufacturing sustainable precast concrete construction products.

As environmentally-conscious industry professionals look for building materials that are durable, energy efficient, sustainably produced, and recyclable, they are increasingly turning to precast concrete.

While the production of concrete is a contributor to global CO2 emissions, studies have shown that precast fabrication can reduce emissions by up to 10 percent as compared to cast-in-place methods.

Additionally, precast concrete is a recyclable material. At the end of its lifespan, it can be crushed and reused as a base material in road construction, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Precast concrete also contributes to lower emissions during the service life of a building. Precast concrete resists weathering, pests, and fire, and can remain in service for decades with minimal maintenance. The long lifespan of precast concrete reduces the need for building repairs and replacements. With high thermal ratings, the use of precast concrete can reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling buildings.

As a growing manufacturer of precast stair shafts and elevator shafts, County Precast recognizes the importance of Earth Day for raising awareness of the need for sustainable building practices and the use of materials that lower the emissions of buildings throughout their service life.

We are reaching new heights because of our people and precast concrete products.