Precast Concrete Offers Many Safety Advantages
February 15, 2023

Categories | Elevator Shafts, Stair Shafts

Precast Concrete Offers Many Safety Advantages

Precast concrete is a high-quality building material with many safety advantages for building occupants and construction teams.

With unmatched strength and durability, precast concrete resists natural and man-made disasters. Because concrete is incombustible and contains fire, it enhances occupant safety and helps preserve structural integrity. County Precast’s elevator shafts earn 3-hour fire ratings, which can protect buildings from fire damage and help lower insurance rates.

Unlike other building materials, precast concrete resists the development of mold. In the wake of a flood, precast concrete buildings can return to service after the waters recede. Precast concrete is also proven to withstand hurricane winds and earthquake forces better with less structural damage than other building materials.

The use of precast elevator shafts and precast stair shafts can also make construction sites safer. Precast shafts are manufactured off site and can be installed much faster than possible with conventional building materials. Within a few days, shafts up to seven stories tall can be installed, allowing immediate access for tradesmen, inspectors, and first responders and eliminating the need for temporary ladders.

Precast concrete is designed and manufactured to endure challenging environments, withstand the elements, and provide prolonged service life with low cost. Use precast concrete for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (352) 275-4605.