Precast Concrete Offers Time, Cost, and Safety Benefits
January 27, 2023

Categories | Elevator Shafts, Stair Shafts

Precast Concrete Offers Time, Cost, and Safety Benefits

County Precast is your source for precast concrete elevator and stair shafts. We manufacture, deliver, and install precast elevator and stair shafts to meet the most challenging construction schedules. Relying on a single source offers a time advantage and can reduce costs.

Precast shafts are manufactured in our NPCA-certified facility and delivered ready for installation. Offsite production offers quicker construction timelines than alternative materials because fabrication can occur while the site is prepared.

Precast shafts integrate effortlessly with other building systems, providing unequaled strength and durability. Precast concrete is a sustainable and high-quality building material made from abundant natural resources that are responsibly sourced.

Fire-resistant materials like precast concrete can protect buildings from fire damage and qualify businesses for lower insurance rates. A fire rating is the time a building component can maintain its structural function during a fire; County Precast's concrete shafts earn fire ratings of 3 hours, a critical level of fire resistance.

Precast concrete enhances safety, preserves structural integrity, and resists natural and man-made disasters, including fire. Use County Precast's Elevator and Stair Shafts for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (352) 275-4605.