Precast Shafts Offer Advantages for Mid-Rise Buildings
March 22, 2023

Categories | Elevator Shafts, Stair Shafts

Precast Shafts Offer Advantages for Mid-Rise Buildings

Precast stair shafts and elevator shafts are an ideal solution for long-lasting commercial and residential mid-rise construction applications. For buildings up to six stories tall, County Precast’s 6-inch thick precast concrete shafts can offer many advantages.

Accelerate construction timelines

The offsite fabrication of precast stair shafts and elevator shafts supports fast-track construction because the shafts can be manufactured while the site is being prepared. When the shafts are ready, County Precast’s experienced team provides delivery and installation services. Each shaft is delivered by a team of trucks and then each component is hoisted into place by a crane. Shafts can be erected in just hours in any weather conditions.

Fire ratings up to 3 hours

Precast concrete is an inherently non-combustible building material. Additional fire caulking, which is included in County Precasts’ delivery and installation services, helps achieve three-hour fire ratings. Using precast shafts enhances occupant safety and helps preserve structural integrity.

Integrate with other building systems

County Precast’s stair and elevator shafts allow immediate access for stair installers and tradesmen, inspectors, and first responders. Precast concrete building components are manufactured to meet exacting specifications and are easily integrated with HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, making precast concrete shafts compatible with any mid-rise building design.

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