Supporting and Strengthening Communities in Central Florida
October 4, 2022

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Supporting and Strengthening Communities in Central Florida

County Precast is helping change people’s lives for the better in the communities where we have locations. Through our philanthropic arm, the Sonnentag Foundation, we partner with charitable organizations and causes in four key service areas: Hunger & Homelessness Support, Mentoring & Skills Building, Service Member & Veteran Support, and Sexual Abuse & Domestic Assault Services.

Hunger & Homelessness Support

Everyone deserves access to healthy food and housing. We partner with organizations that improve food security through food pantry and to-go meal programs and provide safe shelter for families. Our partners strive to break the cycle of poverty and assist people through some of the most challenging seasons of life through advocacy and access to programs and resources. 

Mentoring & Skills Building

Our charitable partners offer mentoring, skills building, and adaptive sports and recreation programs that empower and inspire. Children and teenagers can meet with mentors who help them achieve academic success and grow as well-rounded, kind, and caring people. We also support adaptive programming to help individuals with different abilities gain new experiences and positively change how they see the world around them.

Service Member & Veteran Support

County Precast gratefully recognizes those who serve. We align ourselves with organizations that enhance the lives of veterans, service members, wounded heroes, and their families. Our partners match service dogs with veterans, provide resources that help service members readjust to civilian life, and offer support for individuals who experience post-traumatic stress. 

Sexual Abuse & Domestic Assault Services

We additionally partner with organizations that empower survivors of domestic assault and sexual abuse to find their voice, build confidence, and flee the cycle of abuse. These life-changing services include 24/7 hotlines, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, mental health resources and counseling, and prevention education. Our goal is to help survivors heal and put an end to this violence. 

Together, we are supporting and strengthening communities in Central Florida.