Precast Stair Shafts

Achieve Ultimate Efficiency and Safety with Precast Stair Shafts

Manufactured with leading technology, County Precast’s Precast Stair Shafts are safer and turn buildings over to trades sooner than possible with conventional concrete masonry. We also deliver and install stair shafts to maximize your budget and construction schedule.

Eliminate dangerous temporary ladders and expensive temporary stairs.

Precast stair shafts allow immediate access for:

  • Stair installers and tradesmen
  • Inspectors
  • First responders
  • Fire suppression pipe stand

What’s Included

  • Signed and sealed shop drawings from specialty engineer
  • 6” thick precast concrete shafts up to 7 stories tall
  • Product delivery
  • Installation equipment and labor
  • Fire caulking
  • Precast caps available upon request

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County Precast Stair Shafts