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    • Advantages of Precast Elevator Shafts for Hyatt Road Apartments

      Advantages of Precast Elevator Shafts for Hyatt Road Apartments

      Jacksonville, Florida, is the most populous city in the state. Thriving with university life, port activity, and commercialism, Jacksonville has an increasing need for housing. The Hyatt Road Apartments consist of 290 rental apartments, a pool, a fitness center, two courtyards and a dog spa. The project also provides access to retail amenities, city life, and tropical spots.

      The complex is four stories tall and relied on four of County Precast’s Elevator Shafts for simple and timely installation. Precast elevator shafts are safer than conventional materials, both during their installation as well as during their prolonged service life. Precast concrete resists water damage, withstands strong winds, and has fire ratings up to three hours. These benefits add value to a building, along with lower insurance costs.

      In addition to safety advantages, precast components also ensure speedy installation. Meeting construction deadlines eliminates additional labor costs and accelerates the growth of a community. Project leaders of the Hyatt Road Apartments noted that precast reduced their construction timeline by weeks.

      Jacksonville’s population of nearly one million residents brings vibrant community but also demanding residential needs. County Precast met those needs with durable, easy-to-install, low-maintenance elevator shafts.

      View the Hyatt Road Apartments Gallery.

    • County Precast Recognizes Military Appreciation Month

      County Precast Recognizes Military Appreciation Month

      During the month of May, County Precast recognizes Military Appreciation Month and the men and women in uniform who have made countless sacrifices for our freedom.

      Through the Sonnentag American Foundation, County Precast prioritizes supporting veterans and service members. The foundation believes in empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives after service and treating all service members with respect and dignity.

      We partner with organizations that focus their efforts on improving the lives of U.S. active duty members, wounded warriors, veterans of previous wars, and critically ill and injured service members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. These organizations provide life-changing services for veterans, including safe and accessible housing, career coaching and skills training, service dogs to enhance their quality of life, and recreational opportunities.

      County Precast gratefully recognizes those who serve and honors them during Military Appreciation Month.

    • Standing United for Infrastructure to Invest in Communities

      Standing United for Infrastructure to Invest in Communities

      During the week of May 16-20, United for Infrastructure engages businesses, elected leaders, and the public in conversations about building a better future with resilient infrastructure. In recent years, the demand for reliable infrastructure has increased as communities across the country face challenges with aging systems.

      United for Infrastructure recognizes that investing in our infrastructure is not only about construction but also about communities and the people within them.

      County Precast joins the manufacturing and construction industries in their efforts to modernize our country’s infrastructure and create stable and rewarding jobs. We fulfill our role by manufacturing resilient concrete construction products for long-lasting projects. It is a tough but rewarding job, and we rely on our team of dedicated people to get it done.

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